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Due To Increased Demand On All Testing - Please Anticipate A Longer Than Normal Fulfillment Time - Thank You For Your Patience
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Longevity Report

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$99.00 USD

The Longevity Report is the perfect supplement to our detailed 360 Report, allowing anyone to completely understand their body, how it ages, and how to optimize against chronic disease and rapid aging.

Out of the over 20,000 genes in the human body, only 22 are directly related to longevity and aging. The Longevity Report analyzes 4.7 billion data points to uncover vital insights from these genes to determine how your body reacts to aging.

Your report will include a grade score and breakdown of the four important biomarkers of longevity. It will also contain personalized recommendations for successfully working through any risks associated with sub-optimal results as well as recommendations for optimizing and boosting your overall longevity.

  • Helps to facilitate muscular recovery during and after exercise
  • Helps to improve cellular health
  • Helps to protect against oxidative damage
  • Supports blood sugar regulation
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Supports optimal energy and cognition

What's Inside Your Report

Longevity Genes

Learn how to access and improve the expression of the 22 genes associated with longevity

Cognitive Function

Understand your body's ability to fight off premature aging caused by free radicals

Aging Response

Understand your body's ability to fight off free radicals that speed up the aging process

Exercise Response

Understand your body's ability to prepare for and recover from physical exercise

Infection Response

Understand your body's ability to recover from infections

Sleep Response

Understand your body's unique sleep needs and learn how to recover from a poor night's sleep

Muscle Retention

Understand your body's ability to gain and retain lean muscle mass as you age

Bone Strength

Understand your body's ability to maintain bone density as you age


The DNA Company's tests revealed why I couldn't feel better for so long. With the changes I have now made I feel great.


5 star

I started on a customized supplement made for my genome and my doctor couldn't believe the improvement in my blood work.


5 star

My DNA Company test summary was not about what country my parents originated from but was a wealth of information about my own...


5 star

Frequently Asked Questions

As a functional genomics company, we're more interested in how genes and gene pathways ultimately influence your health and wellness as opposed to trying to fit you into a collection of genes or trying to guess where your ancestors came from.

The goal of this test is to evaluate the roles that your genes play in the efficiency of several important biological and cellular processes in your body. We want to learn how well your body is performing the tasks necessary to maintain optimal health and wellness, and where there is an opportunity to make diet, lifestyle, and environmental changes that can set you up for the most optimal health outcomes.

We will never sell your personal data. However, from time to time, we will anonymize your genomic data and aggregate it with other data samples for the purpose of research & development and the advancement of human health, which we may share with our partners. Don't worry, your information is 100% anonymized and no one can tie your genomic data back to your personal data. We store all of our samples in an anonymized manner at a government facility. All of our data is anonymized before it leaves our facility, and we store all digital on our protected server hosted through Microsoft Azure's security platform. If you still would like to have your data deleted and your sample destroyed once you receive your results, simply let us know and we'll send you a confirmation email once it is complete.

No. This test is an association-based test. We don't diagnose you with any disease. However, we try to identify genetic risk factors that may contribute to your risk of disease based on clinically documented research. Just because you're at an increased risk for a disease or condition based on your genetics, doesn't necessarily mean you will be diagnosed. Similarly, a normal or decreased risk doesn't necessarily mean you're safe from any particular disease or condition. Functional genomics evaluates both genomic and non-genomic factors to ultimately identify risks ahead of time and assists in building preventative health strategies for an improved health and wellness outlook over time.