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Become the best version of yourself with personalized health coaching designed just for you by our team of expert coaches.

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Coach-Led Genomic Discovery Program

Coach-Led Genomic Discovery Program

This nine-week program is guided by an expert health coach. Your dedicated health coach will help you understand how to navigate your reports, answer questions, build a health plan, help you stay accountable, and most importantly support you through your entire genetically informed health transformation.

Your dedicated health coach provides you true human support every step of the way during your health optimization journey.

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Genomic Mastery Program

Genomic Mastery Program

This 3 month program is the ultimate health optimization experience. 

Get access to an exclusive team of world-class clinicians that will do a full audit of your diet, nutrition, lifestyle, home and work environment to diagnose everything that could be possibly hurting your health. 

This truly one of a kind custom program is designed for health enthusiasts, executives, biohackers, and clinicians who want access to the best health optimization services available.

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Money Back Guarantee

All of The DNA Company’s health programs include a money back guarantee. If you feel after your initial coaching session that you didn’t receive enough value, we will return your money no questions asked. We proudly stand behind our coaching programs as we have seen first hand the impact they have on the lives of our clients. Try out one of our coaching programs today risk-free knowing that we have a full money-back guarantee.

Quality Care Guarantee

The DNA Company carefully recruits, screens, and trains all health coaches. We want our clients interacting only with the most knowledgeable and caring individuals in the genomics space. We will always seek the smartest minds that are truly invested in helping us transform the lives of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The DNA 360 Report is the foundation of all of our coaching programs. However, the DNA 360 Report requires implementation in order for anyone to see results. Our coaching programs offer a variety of solutions to help you understand, plan, and implement changes in your life based on your DNA 360 Report. Our top level package offers high touch concierge-like services from clinical experts. Our coaching programs utilized a dedicated health coach to maximize your results. Our goal is to help you see measurable health improvements through our coaching programs. Completing a health transformation is easier when an expert is in your corner helping you every step of the way.

The best way to identify which program is right for you is to carefully read each of the program descriptions. Some programs are designed for people who prefer an independent health journey while others are designed to be very high touch. Read up on each of the programs to understand the differences to see which one is right for your needs.

Explore each of our programs here:

If you want someone in your corner to help answer questions, build a health plan, provide valuable feedback and assist you through the process, it’s wise to choose a program with a health coach. While it's not mandatory to use a health coach we do see clients experience a higher rate of success with the assistance of a dedicated health coach.