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Kashif Khan

Toxic Superfoods and Chronic Health Issues with Sally K. Norton, MPH - S2E21

FEBRUARY 7, 2023

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There are some health issues that come from where you least expect it!

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Ivy-league Nutritionist Sally K. Norton, MPH. Sally holds a nutrition degree from Cornell University and a master’s degree in Public Health. Her path to becoming a leading expert on dietary oxalate includes a prior career working at major medical schools in medical education and public health research. Her personal healing experience inspired years of research that led to her book, Toxic Superfoods, which was released in January 2023 from Rodale Press and is available everywhere books are sold. 

The term superfoods is usually known to refer to food that keep us healthy but what if these superfoods actually do the exact opposite? That is where Sally and Kashif's discussion dive into as they delve into what these superfoods contain. Oxalate is the specific chemical that may be found in food. It is rarely discussed but it greatly impacts our health as soon as it diffuses into our body's cells. 

Some of the aspects that oxalates may affect include membrane damage, oxidative strains on cells, inflammation, metabolism, and the lining of the gut. When these go unnoticed they may lead to fibrosis, cyst problems, and other autoimmune problems. With this in mind, Kashif and Sally touched on the following points to contribute to the knowledge of why it is important to be keen on what we consume:

  • Toxic Superfoods such as almonds, chocolates, pseudo-grains, and some vegetables.
  • How molds produce oxalate
  • Oxalate solubility and its relation to health and oxalate poisoning
  • Sally's pantry and food intake advice
  • Ways to get around oxalated food
  • When symptoms show and the actions that must be taken
  • How to be mindful of mistakes and evaluating your overall consumption throughout your whole life

You may learn more from Sally from the following channels: 


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