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Kashif Khan

The Truth About Healing Long-Haul COVID with Dr. Michael Turner - S2E24

FEBRUARY 28, 2023

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Can you still perform at your peak after getting infected with COVID-19?

COVID-19 is the virus that took on the world by a storm - triggering nations all over the globe to stay on alert with the alarming amount of death rates and severe cases. Over the past few years, it has evolved into several different variants that those in the medical field are constantly on the lookout to study them and provide solutions. This includes people who have experienced long-haul COVID - those who have been experiencing the effects of the virus for a longer period of time.

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Stanford University and Harvard Medical School graduate, Dr. Michael Turner. Dr. Turner practices Integrative Medicine in his own national concierge practice, providing personalized approaches (including hormones, sleep, recovery, nutrition, supplements and exercise) to help people achieve their optimal  state of health. 

Kashif and Dr. Turner take a deep dive into what was discovered about long-haul COVID, firstly discussing how SARS-CoV 2 is a spike protein which indicates that it is highly similar to many human proteins yet in this case, it is a toxin that attracts inflammation and endothelium damage. They discuss how the virus has made autoimmune problems and microclots within the body.

Throughout the conversation, Kashif and Dr. Turner highlighted the following points:

  • 5 main things that help clear your spike protein
  • Supplements that bind protein and affect nitric oxide levels
  • Duration of symptoms
  • What affects immune system response
  • Effects of the vaccine
  • Brain fog by endothelial damage
  • Mitochondrial Damage
  • Anxiety in relation to COVID
  • Adrenalin in relation to COVID

Should you wish to learn more from Dr. Michael Turner, you may reach him and his content through the following channels:


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