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Kashif Khan

Genetics and Breast Implant Illness with Dr. Robert Whitfield

AUGUST 29, 2023

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What's your biggest regret?

Having regrets is something that may haunt us daily especially when there are consequences that would be hard to reverse. This involves foreign bodies such as implants that may be aesthetically pleasing which grants short-term gratification, but in the long run brings a great amount of toxicity in the body if not considered prior. With that, we take a look into ways of minimizing inflammation and reversing the procedure before it's too late.

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Breast Implant Illness specialist, Dr. Robert Whitfield, M.D. Dr. Robert Whitfield has been a plastic surgeon for 26 years and board-certified for over 16 years. He specializes in Breast Implant Illness (BII), breast implant removal surgery and advanced cosmetic procedures. 

In addition to his exceptional work as a surgeon, Dr. Rob is a sought-after provider for his Breast Implant Illness Program (HARP). The protocols of HARP help to reduce systemic inflammation and assist patients who are both preparing or recovering from surgery. Dr. Rob's skills dovetail into a perfect balance of art and science and provide hope to scores of women looking to restore their health after BII.

Throughout the episode, Kashif and Dr. Whitfield dive into how Breast Implant Illness starts in the body, and how it was first detected. They highlighted how important it is to take a look into one's own genetics first before making any decision of having implants, especially if the person's genes does not permit it to detoxify huge amounts of toxins. Some of the topics under this discussion are as follows:

  • How foreign bodies (implants) trigger inflammation
  • 4 Things that Make the Body Capable of Handling Inflammation
  • Hormonal metabolism and estrogen dominance
  • 3 Ways the Implants Get Contaminated
  • Explant Procedures, and why they are needed
  • Minimizing the Inflammatory State during preparation and the explant operation proper
  • Supplements used by Dr. Whitfield in the procedure

If you wish to learn more from Dr. Whitfield, and inform yourself further on Breast Implant Illness, you may do so through the following channels:


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