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Kashif Khan

Dealing with EMFs and Getting the Best from Your Water the Somavedic Way with Juraj Kočar

SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

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Did you know that a single device can protect you from EMFs and give you structured water?

The Somavedic is the ultimate EMF effects mitigation device made from minerals that is definitely a need in today's generation filled with wireless technology and supercomputers just within our fingertips. We need as much protection that we can get against EMFs as it significantly affects our brain as well as health factors such as sleep, fertility, and several more. This also affects other living beings such as plants and animals.

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Juraj Kočar,  CEO of Attune Health and Somavedic Technologies. Juraj has a Master's Degree in Computer Science, and is a Biohacking and Health & Wellness Enthusiast. The mentioned companies revolve around health, and aims to make it accessible, also ensuring that their clients have what they need in order to get proper rest and recovery. 

Kashif and Juraj discuss the effects of EMFs and how these are found everywhere. With that, they discuss the best practices in order to minimize these effects on our bodies. This also includes using the Somavedic and its different variations. In line with this, they also discuss the best locations to place your EMF devices to keep it away from your sleep, and the Somavedic device to maximize the benefits that it can give to your body.

Aside from the topic of EMFs, the Somavedic is also capable of giving your body structured water. Structured water may be seen through the beautiful formation of water crystals that make people feel even more hydrated even though they only drink the same amount of non-structured water. This is a vital way of ensuring that our bodies are healthy as we are made up of mostly water. 

Kashif and Juraj have also discussed the following highlights:

  • How EMFs increase free radicals that make aging go faster
  • The Outdated Safety Data on EMFs
  • The Science Behind the Somavedic
  • The Natural Process of Structuring Water
  • The Uses of the Three Different Varieties of Somavedic
  • Information Overload that Affects Neurology
  • Different Research Studies on EMF Awareness

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