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Kashif Khan

Biohack Your Detox DNA with Brendan Moorehead - S2E23

FEBRUARY 21, 2023

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If you had a choice, will you change your reality?

Eating is one of our essential needs in order to remain healthy but that all depends on the choices that we make regarding what we consume. Despite this, there are also other factors to consider based on what we are able to learn from this episode.

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Brendan Moorehead, MS. Brendan is the author of "Biohack Your Detox DNA" which serves as a guide for detox that will help you prevent great levels of toxins within your body which has the possibility of producing brain fog and other symptoms that will hinder you from performing at your best. Brendan is also the one to organize a webinar, Eat4Health, which included 42 speakers whose main goal is to reveal truths about health, food, and the environment.

Kashif and Brendan discuss how mitochondria is affected by environment, food , and water. If you have listened to the previous episodes of the UNPILLED podcast, the mitochondria is in charge of the body's biochemical reactions. They also discuss the human waste and how it may contain heavy metals depending on what was consumed. In short, the pair discuss several topics on proper detoxification and what is usually overlooked when people start their detoxification process. Here are some of the topics discussed throughout the episode:

  • Top 4 Heavy Metals that affect how the human body absorbs vitamins
  • How inflammation plays a role to a person's toxin sensitivity
  • What affects the brain to become more permeable to toxins
  • Glyphosate and its effects on the body
  • Water vapor as a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide
  • What to intake to balance detoxification
  • How to strengthen adrenal energy
  • How to detect mold and its effects on your body
  • Different kinds of inflammatory response

Should you wish to learn more from Brendan Moorehead, you may do so through the following channels:


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