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I have to admit I was very skeptical when originally Sanjay reached out to me with the Youtrients offering. After attending a meeting with Dr. Mansoor I was extremely intrigued to the point that I ordered the testing for my entire immediate family and ex-ecutive team at work.

We met privately wtih Dr.Mansoor and Dr. Winnie and were very impressed by the depth of knowledge and professionalism. But mostly we felt we had found the missing link to tie natural medicine to our genetic makeup and provide a path for future health and preventative healthcare.

I feel strongly to stay healthy in to-day’s stress and pollutant filled world, we need to have an individual plan, which is a combination of traditional medical teachings and naturopathic healthcare, based on our genetic foundation.

Thank you Sanjay, Dr. Winnie and Dr. Mansoor for unlocking that key.

Debbie C


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