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Due To Increased Demand On All Testing - Please Anticipate A Longer Than Normal Fulfillment Time - Thank You For Your Patience
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The Weight Loss Program

The Weight Loss Program
The Weight Loss Program
The Weight Loss Program
The Weight Loss Program

The Weight Loss Program

$1,499 USD

Welcome to the 21st-Century method for achieving and sustaining weight loss. Using your DNA, you can finally work with your body instead of fighting against it and unlock your optimal weight-loss plan.

Easily determine:  

  • Which diet is right for you (Should you be on a keto diet, should you be a vegan? Do carbs matter?).
  • If your plateau is controlled by your hormones, not calories.
  • If you have obesity genes that trigger an inability to feel full and what to do about them. 
  • How you should recover after exercising, and how to enjoy your workouts.
  • What will end sleep struggle, reduce stress, and unlock weight loss.
  • How your body uses fat to protect you from toxins and what that means for your program.
  • What drives cellular inflammation and how to create healthier cells for weight loss.
  • How your mood impacts weight via coping mechanisms like stress and binge eating and what you can do about it.

The personalized weight loss programs we create are far more effective and sustainable than traditional weight loss methods, and since your genes don't change this is a one-time investment to learn exactly what your body needs.

Are you ready to finally reach your ideal weight and avoid the struggle, guilt, and slip-ups? Join our Weight Loss Program and start seeing results.

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A Smarter Way to Lose Weight

Discover personalized tools to get into shape, tailored to your genetic makeup.

Start Your Personalized Weight Loss Plan

A Long-Term Weight Loss Plan, Based on Your Genes

Learn from 38 actionable genetic reports that give you insight into:

Ideal Diet Type
Fat and Carb
and Toxins
Better Sleep
Full DNA Report
Get Your Personalized Plan

When It Comes to Weight Loss, Your Genes Matter.

If you’ve tried to lose weight, you know it’s more complicated than “calories in, calories out.”

When you try counting calories to lose weight, do you experience:

  • Constant hunger?
  • Fatigue?
  • Bouts of uncontrolled eating?
  • Food cravings?
  • Mood swings?
  • Feeling restricted all the time?

If so, you’re working against your genetics. Your body is doing everything it can to gain back the weight—and eventually, it will win.

But imagine losing weight without constant hunger. Picture sustainable, healthy weight loss without all the struggle—just steady progress, week over week, while you live your life.

When you understand your genes, weight loss is easy.

Your genes control your hunger, cravings, fat loss, and more. They even influence your mood, how you respond to exercise, and how well you sleep.

We help you design a healthy lifestyle based on your genetics. When you understand how your genetics affect your health, weight loss becomes easy.

Build Your Custom Program

Personalized Plans for Both Men and Women

Weight loss looks very different for men and women.

If you’re a woman, your hormones fluctuate constantly, and you need to take extra care to keep them in balance as you lose weight.

You may also not see weight loss during certain parts of your cycle. It’s important to follow a plan that’s flexible and takes your hormonal needs into account—and, of course, your genes play a big role in how your hormones respond to weight loss.

For men, you have to be careful not to restrict too much, otherwise your testosterone may drop and you’ll feel a variety of negative effects—particularly if you have certain genetic variants.

Our programs take your hormones into account and make sure you lose weight in a sustainable, long-term way that’s optimized for your genetics.

No Fad Diets. Just Results.

We don’t push any specific diet or fitness routine.

Our recommendations are based on your genetics. We tell you exactly what to eat and what to avoid, the types of exercise your body responds to best, what supplements will help you thrive, and more.

Everything is tailored to you as an individual. You won’t find fad diets here.

What You Get

  • A full DNA test
  • A report that explains the genes you have and how they affect your life
  • An actionable, personalized plan to lose weight and enhance your wellbeing, based on your unique genes
  • A 1-hour call with a practitioner to review your genetic test results and talk about how to take advantage of your genes
  • A 1-hour behavioral change call with your practitioner, to make a plan to break old habits and form new ones
  • Unlimited support access for 30 days
  • A personalized supplement protocol, plus $100 supplement credit
Get Personalized Recommendations

Learn As You Go

Short, personalized lessons teach you about the genes you have, how they impact your wellbeing, and what actionable steps you can take to use your genes to your advantage.


Practitioner Support,
Every Step of the Way

Your program includes guidance from a functional genomics practitioner.

Your dedicated practitioner will help you understand how to navigate your reports, answer questions, build a health plan for you, help you stay accountable, and offer support as you reach your weight loss goal.