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ORDER YOUR DNA LAB PROGRAM + REPORT REVIEW  for MASTCELL and a live 2-hour session with Kashif Khan
ORDER YOUR DNA LAB PROGRAM + REPORT REVIEW  for MASTCELL and a live 2-hour session with Kashif Khan
ORDER YOUR DNA LAB PROGRAM + REPORT REVIEW  for MASTCELL and a live 2-hour session with Kashif Khan

ORDER YOUR DNA LAB PROGRAM + REPORT REVIEW for MASTCELL and a live 2-hour session with Kashif Khan


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Our DNA 360 lab test will take your saliva sample and scan it using 4.7 billion data points. After the scan, you will receive 38 comprehensive health reports based on your DNA, plus our longevity report, which could add 10 healthy years to your life. 

The DNA Company Exclusive Black Label Custom Supplement Compound involves creating a personalized dietary supplement tailored to your individual needs informed by your DNA 360 report. This personalized formula provides targeted nutrient support and allows for precise customization of ingredient combinations and dosages.

A compounding specialist prepares your custom supplement by combining pure ingredients at specific dosages, using no harsh chemicals, artificial colors, dyes, binders, or fillers*, while ensuring strictest quality control throughout the process. 

You receive your custom supplement by mail with instructions on dosage and usage.

*Depending on the formula requirements, some compounds may contain small amounts of Larch, Microcrystalline Cellulose, or Guar Bean (a low FODMAP soluble fiber “Sunfiber”)

Discover exactly which foods, supplements, workouts, environment, and lifestyle are right for you based on your unique DNA.

Then, reach peak health by giving your body exactly what it needs.



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Discover Exactly What Your Body Needs By Looking At Your DNA Stop guessing and get the answers from your DNA

  • Discover which foods are right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover which supplements are right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover what environment is right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover what lifestyle is right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover which workouts are right for you based on your DNA
  • Discover what your risks are based on your DNA
  • Discover how to lower your risks by making changes based on your DNA
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1 Saliva Sample. A Lifetime of Health Insights. Understand your body like never before.

The DNA 360

The DNA 360 Includes:

  • 4 Cardiovascular reports
  • 5 Sleep reports
  • 7 Hormone & Fitness reports
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Audio guide of your results
  • 7 Diet & Nutrition reports
  • 11 Mood & Behavior reports
  • 4 Immunity & detox reports
  • Access to the DNA community
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Get Personalized Recommendations

Get Personalized Recommendations Based on Your Unique DNA

Did you know that some people, because of their DNA, struggle to process Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and other micronutrients? Our DNA test will tell you exactly what your body is good at processing and bad at processing. Even more useful is the DNA 360 Report will tell you exactly what supplements, in what form, are right for you.



A GeneCast is a personalized audio playlist that contains individual ‘gene tracks’, which are mini audio lessons on genes found in your body. No one GeneCast is the same, each is generated based on the genes found inside of your DNA 360 Report. Sit back on the couch, press play on your GeneCast and you will soon learn exactly what genes you have, what they are responsible for, and how they impact your health. Your GeneCast is one of a kind, just like your DNA.


Real People | Real 360 Solutions

One size does not fit all. We prefer to help uncover the insights within your unique genome that will be most valuable for your health and wellness. Knowledge is power, and customized health optimization is now possible.


Cardio Vascular Health

I didn't realize that my exercise was part of the reason my cholesterol was going up. My genes couldn't handle the high intensity. Whoa.


Hormone Health

I didn't know my estrogen could be toxic. I am so happy that I have gone beyond someone telling me I am genetically at risk for breast cancer, but why and what to do about it.


Diet & Nutrition

I didn't know I was using food as a coping mechanism. I learned about my Seratonin disregulation and why I always over ate on bad days.


Your Mood

I didn't realize my seasonal mood disorder didn't have to happen. I have made a few changes to support my DNA and no more winter blues.


Our Clinical Partners

“Healthcare shouldn't be about waiting to get sick.”

Thrive Clinic

Executive Medicine

“When we understand our genes…I think this is the future of personalized health”

Lisa Tamati


“This is the product that I recommend to our 7000 doctors.”

Sachin Patel


“...understanding the complexities of [our patients’] genetic issues allowed us to better target our recommendations.”

Andrea Nakayama

Functional Nutrition

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, your data is safe with us. We immediately aggregate and anonymize all data, and our data management is HIPAA compliant. We will NEVER sell your DNA data to any 3rd party, without your consent.

When you order a DNA 360 kit from our website, one is immediately dispatched to your home from our warehouse. Once you send the saliva sample back to our labs it typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks to receive your final results.

Due to Covid-19 specimen testing many laboratories are busier than usual. We hope to decrease the wait time in the coming months as capacity continues to open up.

Fun fact: Surveyed customers reported that The DNA 360 test “exceeded their expectations” upon arrival.

Generic low quality DNA tests often only look at surface level data. The DNA 360 test goes far beyond a basic DNA scan to go several layers deeper in order to provide you the most comprehensive and accurate results. This is why other tests do not offer things like complex pathway interpretations, epigenetic recommendations, anti-aging recommendations, diet recommendations, and supplement recommendations.

In fact, our custom panels require 4 different types of testing: genotype sequencing (SNPs), INDEL testing, CNV testing, and sanger sequencing (for the APOE SNPs). This complex process is required for us to derive important information that is otherwise unavailable in traditional consumer genetic testing options. For instance, our CNV testing determines whether or not you even carry important genes for detoxification like GSTT1, GSTM1, and UGT2B17. Without this information, we wouldn't even know whether or not you carry 1 or both copies of the gene, or if you even carry the gene at all! For this reason, we utilize more expensive technology to derive more valuable and actionable data so that the insights you receive are more functional and impactful than results received elsewhere.

We use only the best in class laboratory equipment as well as invest heavily in hiring the smartest minds in the genomics industry.

Yes we provide a full breakdown of all the specific genetic markers that we evaluate in our advanced testing. As well, you can visit research.thednacompany.com to view our full list of articles and published trials that we use to identify all of the genes and pathways that we include in our testing.

Generic DNA tests will tell you how much of a risk you have i.e. 20, 30, 40% etc. Our DNA test not only tells you your likelihood of risk, but goes even further to tell you exactly what foods, lifestyle, supplements, environment, and health choices can help you reduce health risks. These recommendations are powered by our proprietary algorithm that uses 4.7 billion data points.

Our primary focus is not on ancestry. Our mission as a company is to provide users with health insights that allow them to live healthier lives. As a result, our core focus is in developing reports that give you the tools to make the right health decisions.

While Ancestry or 23andMe may tell you what your ethnicity is, our reports do not focus on that. Instead, we tell you what your health risks are and exactly what steps you can take to reduce those health risks.

Yes. You can rest assured knowing that the test you take today will remain current into the future, as we will continue to provide you with updated information as science evolves. If for any reason we make enhancements and upgrades to our tests and processes in the future to offer even more valuable information, we will happily offer an updated version of our test to our customers for a discounted price.

Anyone who wants to understand what their health risks are and what they can do to reduce these health risks. Our customers include everyday people, doctors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, biohackers, clinicians, athletes and many more.

With over 38 health reports included in the DNA 360 Report everyone learns something new about themselves.

The DNA Company has been publicly offering advanced DNA testing since 2018, while the unique process was under research and development for nearly a decade.

Currently we do not ship to Australia and New Zealand.

The DNA 360
5 star

“I wish I had done this test sooner” - Sara T (Toronto)