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Due To Increased Demand On All Testing - Please Anticipate A Longer Than Normal Fulfillment Time - Thank You For Your Patience
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Introducing DNA Gut 360: Transforming Healthcare, One Microbiome at a Time

Have you ever wondered about what’s really going on in your gut microbiome and how it could be impacting your overall health? Our DNA Gut 360 Test allows you to actually look at what’s happening inside your body. Why is this crucial? Because the microbiome holds sway over numerous critical health parameters. DNA Gut 360 stands as a beacon of clarity, addressing the vitality of the immune system, the ease and capacity of digestion, the encompassing well-being of the physical and neuropsychological domains, and the overall quality of one's diet.



What Is DNA Gut 360?

DNA Gut 360 is an incredible leap in health technology. It gives us an unparalleled look into the complex world of your gut's microorganisms. Using cutting-edge technology, it examines the genes of bacteria in your gut using a powerful method called Shotgun Metagenomics. This detailed process ensures a thorough study of the variety of bacteria, the balance between them, and how they produce important nutrients like short-chain fatty acids. In simple terms, DNA Gut 360 doesn't just give you knowledge; it shows you the way to better health. It opens a door to a future where you and your healthcare team can confidently navigate the intricacies of gut health. Step into the future of health assessment with DNA Gut 360.

Why Choose DNA Gut 360?

Holistic Microbiome Insight

The DNA Gut 360 test uses advanced technology to give you a detailed look at your gut bacteria. It shows important things like how strong your immune system is, how well you digest food, and how it affects your overall health, both physically and mentally. It also tells you about the quality of your diet.

Make Informed Lifestyle Decisions

The DNA Gut 360 test gives us important details about your health, especially regarding your microbiome, which is a community of microorganisms in your body. This information helps both you and your clinician better understand your current health. With this knowledge, your clinician can create a more effective plan to improve your well-being.

Trackable Health Progress

Using DNA Gut 360 makes keeping tabs on your health progress much easier and precise. The information it gives helps you see real improvements in important areas like your immune system, digestion, and general well-being. This means you can be sure that your chosen health plan is working effectively.


How Does DNA Gut 360 Work?

Using cutting-edge technology, our in-depth analysis goes deep into the bacterial genome. We employ the powerful Shotgun Metagenomic Method, known for its thoroughness and reliability. This meticulous process ensures a comprehensive examination of bacterial diversity, the balance of different types of flora, and the evaluation of important nutrient production, especially short-chain fatty acids.

With these powerful insights, both clients and clinicians gain a newfound ability to assess health with precision. It's not just about knowledge; it's about taking action. With the revelations from DNA Gut 360, medical plans can be strategically crafted to suit individual needs. Plus, keeping track of progress becomes much easier, as the impact of chosen health strategies can be measured accurately.

Genetic Sample Collection + DNA 360 Lab Report

Ready To Unlock The Secrets Of Your Microbiome?

Unlocking the secrets of your microbiome can be a game-changer for your health. This bustling community of microorganisms in your gut plays a crucial role in how your body functions. With microbiome testing, you gain valuable insights into the diversity and balance of these microorganisms. This information can lead to personalized recommendations for diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices. It's like having a tailored roadmap to a healthier you! Don't miss out on this opportunity to take charge of your well-being. Get your DNA Gut 360 Test today and embark on a journey to a happier, healthier life!