submit your video for chance to win

submit your video for chance to win

Last Winner: Suzan from Portland, Oregon won a $299
genetic coaching program for submitting her video!

We'd love to hear your story of how your DNA 360 has enhanced your life.
All you have to do is share a written or video story for a chance to win.
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Share your honest experience! Let us know what you learned from your DNA 360 Report and how it has made a difference in your life. Please don’t tell people “buy it too” or try to sell the program or product. Instead, simply focus on your personal experience and growth. Valid video entries must be clear and have good lighting.

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Share your experience in written form. Just like the video entry, we’re looking for stories about how the DNA 360 Report has made a difference in your life. No need to “sell”, just tell us about your personal experience!

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Winners will be contacted each month and will receive one of The DNA Company's products.

Valued at $997, the prize pool contains:

  • Gain additional insights on your DNA 360 with the Digital Gemonic Self Discovery coaching program, valued at $299
  • Receive a set of supplements that have been personalized to your DNA results, valued at $200
  • Upgrade your DNA 360 with the Longevity Report add-on, valued at $99
  • Share your DNA 360 Report experience with a friend or family, valued at $399
Winners will be contacted each month

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  • BONUS: Is there something remarkable that you experienced, unexpected benefits, or results that were above and beyond your expectations?
  • BONUS: What would you say to someone on the fence about buying a DNA 360 Report?
  • Say and finish this sentence: I almost didn’t buy a 360 scan from the DNA Company because…