What You'll Learn In This Webinar

How Upgrade Labs put the insights from The DNA Company's 44 comprehensive reports to the test at their biohacking facility in Santa Monica, and how this led to a genetics-based custom treatment program.

How your genes interact with your nutrition, lifestyle and environment, ultimately shaping your unique health and wellness profile.

Why the solutions to depression, addiction, aging and weight loss aren’t found in a pill bottle - but instead in your cells.

Who profits from the current approach to medicine and how you can go from treating diseases to reversing them – or even the key to preventing them completely.

How to become the most powerful version of yourself by unlocking your genome. Discover solutions tailored to you that optimize your life and reverse aging.

For the first time ever, the world’s most comprehensive personal DNA test is accessible to everyone.

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As an Upgrade 2021 attendee, webinar participants will also receive a FREE detailed hormone report added on to the normal DNA 360 Report.