Our functional reports are designed so you can take specific actions based on your results with insights not offered in traditional genetic testing. Understand your genes to inform the diet, lifestyle and environment choices that lead to a healthier you.

This bundle includes the following:

A DNA Saliva Kit sent to you so we can extract the DNA information needed to provide you with a customized DNA 360 Report

38 DNA Insight Reports with practical action steps on how to improve each aspect of your health based on your results

30 minute Coaching Review Call with a Health Coach to review your report and address any immediate next action steps you can take

Custom Recommendations on Cardiovascular health, Sleep, Diet, Nutrition, Hormones, Fitness, Mood, Immunity and detox

A masterclass on which genes impact the symptoms of Lyme disease and how you can use your DNA 360 report to reverse these symptoms


How It Works

Through a simple sample of your saliva, we are able to extract the DNA information we need to provide you with a personalized DNA 360 REPORT.

Our proprietary science-based genetic testing & research gives you a cohesive, meaningful, and personalized story of how your body is meant to work — and what it means for your overall health and wellness.

Your comprehensive report gives you insight into your unique genome, the risk of any associated health concerns, and the strategies you can implement from a diet, lifestyle, and environmental perspective to optimize your life according to your DNA.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to make the right choices so disease isn't something that's inevitable. You have the ability to choose how well you age by understanding your body's "instruction manual" located inside your DNA.

“When we understand our genes we're able to optimize our health, longevity, and performance. This is the future of personalized health.”

Lisa Tamati

Ultra Endurance Professional Athlete

“The DNA Company are pioneers in the field of functional genomics. We use the DNA Company with our own clients because they've done the best job of giving specific actionable steps for their everyday life.”

Thrive Clinic

Executive Medicine

“The DNA Company has been instrumental in my own personal success and professional success because they provide us with very powerful tools to help our customers and patients understand what makes them unique.”

Sachin Patel

Living Proof Institute

We don't sell your data.

The greatest value in your DNA is for you to enact positive, informed life choices. Your data is encrypted, anonymized, and never sold.