The DNA Company’s sole aim is the Optimization of Human Potential through its mastery of the language of DNA.

Every language has its structure, rules and nuances.  

Fluency in any language demands a thorough understanding of its structure and rules.   Fluency ensures that the message being delivered is understood as intended and prevents misinterpretation.

As with any language, an in-depth understanding of the message or instructions embedded within your DNA requires fluency – an appreciation of the structure, rules and nuances that is unique to the language of DNA.  

We are fluent in the language of DNA.



My DNA Company test summary was not about what country my parents originated from but was a wealth of information about my own unique genetic attributes. The comprehensive report I received gave me customized information about my genetic strengths and weaknesses.

My meeting with Dr. Mansoor was extremely valuable. He was able to describe in great detail why I was prone to sports injuries and without any access to my medical records he predicted medical ailments I am genetically prone to which have already been diagnosed by other medical professionals.

After only one month of taking the prescribed supplements for my DNA makeup I am already experiencing increased energy levels and clarity of thought. But best of all I have peace of mind knowing I am now in control of the ongoing maintenance and improvement of my overall health.
— Patricia

I have to admit I was very skeptical when originally Sanjay reached out to me with the Youtrients offering. After attending a meeting with Dr. Mansoor I was extremely intrigued to the point that I ordered the testing for my entire immediate family and executive team at work. We met privately with Dr. Mansoor and Dr. Winnie and were very impressed by the depth of knowledge and professionalism. But mostly we felt we had found the missing link to tie natural medicine to our genetic makeup and provide a path for future health and preventative healthcare. I feel strongly to stay healthy in today’s stress and the pollutant-filled world, we need to have an individual plan, which is a combination of traditional medical teachings and naturopathic healthcare, based on our genetic foundation.

Thank you Sanjay, Dr. Winnie and Dr. Mansoor for unlocking that key.
— Debbie Cosic

Sitting down with Dr. Mansoor and discussing my genetic results has been, and continues to be, the best health-related investment I have made.

It started with a realization that not all genetic tests are equal, and that’s mostly because of Dr. Mansoor’s perspective - This is not a disease-based approach, it’s about lifestyle... MY lifestyle to be precise.

Armed with his insight and deep knowledge, Dr. Mansoor helped me find simple solutions to problems that specialist MD’s had no answers to. Make no mistake about it, interpreting genetic results is as much an art as it is science and something that Dr. Mansoor excels at. He basically gave me a roadmap to be the best that I can be - To me, this is priceless!
— Alex Millin

Dr. Mansoor’s DNA tests revealed empowering and critical information. They provided me with a laser-sharp compass of my genetic makeup, giving me full insight and the ability to change the course of my health journey.

With the guidance of Naturopathic Doctor Aviad Elgez, I am now able to optimize my overall health by taking very specific actions following the test discoveries. This is real, personalized, preventative and regenerative medicine. It is such an amazing tool for whole-health [whole health. I wish this test had been available decades ago. It would have saved me years of health struggles. My whole family is now taking the test so they can get preventative, tailored treatments and precision medicine, intrinsic to a higher quality of life. Every newborn should be given this test. It is an essential tool for Public Health.
— Lulu Cohen-Farnell Founder, Real Food For Real Kids

I am so thankful that I decided to have my genetic testing done, especially with Dr. M. Mohammed. I would highly recommend his expertise. The hour consultation with him was invaluable.

His extensive knowledge and the way in which he explained the results, clearly and efficiently, helped me to have a deeper understanding of some of my health issues. He made what could be difficult to understand, easy to grasp.

Likening the results to an ‘operating manual’, ultimately it enabled me to see where my genes needed help and how to optimize my health and unique genes with certain nutrients and food. I will definitely book further appointments with him to delve in even deeper into the report.

Having done the testing with him has clearly helped pinpoint some very important issues that needed addressing and that would have otherwise gone undetected~ for this I am so very grateful.
— Belinda Storey