The goal of DNA testing
should be to comprehend
the language of DNA

to facilitate the interpretation of the patient’s operating manual

Comprehensive Understanding

Like any language, the language of DNA - your genome, can be easily misinterpreted if inappropriately studied. A language is about more than just vocabulary. An analysis of more genes does not make your test more comprehensive. Rather, a study of your genes should intelligently reflect the pathways and clinical relevance associated with cellular function. Our understanding of DNA comes through decades of published research from the world's leading authorities in clinical genomics, combined with the assessment and treatment of thousands of patients. We are fluent in the language of DNA.

Intelligent Design

Consumer-Friendly should not equate to superficiality. We believe consumers are smarter, more empowered, and more informed today than they have ever been before. Consumers deserve reports that explain their results in an accessible manner without sacrificing scientific veracity. Minimally, the content of genomic tests and the reports associated with them should be devoid of cursory and unsubstantiated information.

Clear Path to Action

So what now? Even with the most advanced and easy to understand reports, consumers want to know the exact steps they need to take in order to fulfill their goals of optimized health and performance. That’s why we provide our services through clinical partners. Our partners guide and collaborate with their patients to identify their personalized pathway to optimal health. Intelligent Support as needed, when needed, where needed. That's the DNA Company difference.


Functional Genomics is the study of genes as they exist in biologic systems. It is the study of genes, and how they interact with each other, to accomplish the myriad of cellular pathways that define cellular functions, that in turn, define function at the organism level.

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