Clinically Formulated Supplements

Supplements designed to support you and your unique DNA.

DNA Inspired Supplements

Your DNA is unique and now your supplements can be too. Our supplements are designed to address the specific needs you have based on your one-of-a-kind DNA. It’s time to leave generic, low-quality supplements behind and give your body high-quality, personalized supplements based on your unique DNA.


Vitamin D3 & K2


Designed to support healthy bones, teeth, immune function, cognitive and nervous system health.

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Designed to help balance hormones that contribute to prostate health, hair loss, and sexual dysfunction.

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Designed to balance steroidal hormones for women who may be predisposed to higher levels of testosterone.

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Designed to help reduce the risk of B12 deficiency and maintain optimal nerve health & function.

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Optimizes your body’s natural processes for regulating plaque in the arteries.

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