The Story Behind The DNA Way, and The DNA Company - Interview by Julia Bradbury

JUNE 20, 2023

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We are constantly one step away from good health, and one step away from bad health - which step will you take?

The journey of the DNA Company and as well as the book, The DNA Way, would not have existed if not for Kashif's personal experiences. These includes stories of wanting to heal his own self from a number of chronic diseases, and wanting to heal his niece who once ran away from home due to her anxiety.

In this episode, Kashif is interviewed by Julia Bradbury, TV Presenter of BBC and ITV, Journalist and Co-founder of The Outdoor Guide. She is mostly known for Watchdog, Top Gear and Countryfile. Julia is also a strong advocate for the environment, and issues surrounding homelessness. She is a breast cancer survivor and is a woman whose life inspires many, which is documented in "Julia Bradbury – Breast Cancer & Me", nominated for a national TV award.

They dive into Kashif's story and the beginnings of The DNA Company where they studied the results of 7,000 people to come up with the comprehensive DNA 360 Report that is available today, which shows which genes you have and what system of health it affects. 

Tune in, and learn more about the importance of knowing more about yourself and your genes today!


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Don't forget to grab yourself a copy of Kashif Khan's book, "The DNA Way: Unlock the Secrets of Your Genes to Reverse Disease, Slow Aging, and Achieve Optimal Wellness" which is now available wherever books are sold!

In this book, biotechnology entrepreneur and CEO of The DNA Company Kashif Khan offers an action plan to help you live your best life. It starts by understanding your genetic makeup.

Learn how to access your human instruction manual—the DNA way.

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