Healing from Sexual Trauma and Having Vibrant Sexual Health with Susan Bratton - S2E16

JANUARY 3, 2023

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People are designed to have great sex their whole lives!

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Sex and Intimacy Expert, Susan Bratton. Susan currently has 34 books and programs that contribute to sexual health and as well as learning new intimacy skills. This includes workshops for the single and married, pleasuring skills, understanding the body, and hormones.

Sex is one of the least talked about topics yet is a definitely needed discussion. Most people, especially women, tend to give up on experiencing a vibrant sex life due to the loss of stimulation and being unable to freely talk about how they want to be pleasured. When people stop intercourse, they have the tendency to stop touching each other, losing that connection completely.

Kashif and Susan thoroughly discuss the factors that affect sexual health and intimacy, as well as possible solutions to improve them. It comes with understanding the three legs - technique, easy communication, and sexual health & wellness. Some of the points tackled are the following:

  • The Magic Pill Method: 3 Easy Steps Back to Physical Intimacy
  • Somatic Therapy (Peter Levine Formula)
  • Four Kinds of Touch in order to release trauma
  • Female Liquid Orgasm
  • Epigenetics
  • The Erectile Tissues of a Woman
  • The Oxytocin and other hormones that contribute to sexual health
  • Supplements to help engorgement in the genitalia

You may reach and learn more from Susan Bratton through her channels listed below:

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