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Kashif Khan

The Secret to Longevity and Living Your Best Self with Dr. Kien Vuu - S2E38

JUNE 6, 2023

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Your choices can be poison or medicine!

Everyday, we make choices on what to eat, what to do, how early we sleep, and all these decisions result into how it affects our health. We aren't born with chronic diseases, but our actions may lead us to having them.

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Dr. Kien Vuu. Dr. Kien Vuu, or "Doctor V," exemplifies resilience, having survived as an infant refugee on a challenging journey to America. Overcoming diabetes and high blood pressure, Doctor V now champions optimal health, happiness, and human potential.  An assistant professor at UCLA, Doctor V specialized in Interventional and Diagnostic Radiology before pursuing additional training in performance and longevity medicine, earning board certification from the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Founder of VuuMD Performance and Longevity, Doctor V advises athletes, executives, celebrities, and organizations towards longevity and peak performance.  

Throughout the episode, Kashif and Doctor V discuss how living our own life is medicine in itself. This involves seven factors that are considered "energetics" namely sleep, nutrition, movement, thoughts, emotions, community & community energetics, and our higher sense of purpose. They discuss these energetics in relation to how we can change our programmed choices into better ones that allow us to stray away from survival mode, or going autopilot. Here are the talking points that are explained in the episode:

  • Energetics
  • Default Mode Network
  • Survival mode and Stress programs
  • How to focus on what we can control
  • Shifting lifestyles
  • Understanding yourself and the choices you make
  • Breathing patterns: Physical and Emotional
  • Humanity as one big organism


Doctor V is also the #1 best selling author of Thrive State, media expert, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator at prominent events, including engagements with Whole Foods, Bank of America, and JP Morgan. He has also appeared on platforms like ABC News, TEDx, The Doctors, and Access Hollywood, empowering others to activate the biology of longevity and human potential within themselves. You may connect with Doctor V through the following channels:


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