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Kashif Khan

Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack Your Body Clock with Jean Fallacara - S2E26

MARCH 14, 2023

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Do you think you're already at your best self? 

Whenever we don't feel at our optimal selves, we often look for the shortcut to getting back up on our feet but the actual truth is that you can't optimize your body if you haven't optimized your brain. That's where neuroscience comes in along with your journey of biohacking in which you make progress into optimizing your life as a whole. 

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Jean Fallacara, the founder of Cyborggainz, and publisher of the Biohackers Magazine. He is also the author of Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack Your Body Clock, and an upcoming book that also explores taking risks and the principles of neuroscience. 

They discuss how the simplest decisions made each day can improve your life to an extent that it will help with longevity, and the way you function everyday. It starts with understanding the self, and diving into the definition of neuroscience which bridges the understanding of the body and the diagnostic. This also answers the question why there are people who have health hacks but are not in tip-top shape and vise-versa. The body is complex, but the solutions to making it healthy can be really simple.

Kashif and Jean then delve into the following topics as they progress in their discussion:

  • How the brain is the starting point to changing your lifestyle
  • Understanding the self
  • Neurochemicals and neuroplasticity
  • Changing habits
  • Meditation
  • Standards of Society and how to deal with them
  • The value of rest, and balance
  • The potential of VR and AI to help and correct form
  • Studying the relation of gamers and brain optimization
  • Jean's daily routine
  • Listening to your body and how a pristine state will allow you to easily spot what your body lacks

If you want to learn more from Jean Fallacara, you may reach him through the following channels: 


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