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Kashif Khan

How You Can Alter Your Energetic And Informational Environment To Change Your Epigenetic Expression with Harry Massey - S2E19

JANUARY 24, 2023

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Do you have an environment that energizes you?

From a day-to-day basis, we often live off of energy drinks and other caffeinated products to make up for our low energy levels. We attribute it to the lack of sleep, fatigue, food, and other factors without delving deep into the root cause.

In this episode, Kashif converses with Harry Massey who was bedridden for almost a decade due to a chronic fatigue syndrome before he could start rock-climbing again and doing all sorts of activities. This led him to the question, "How do you heal someone who is too sick to get out of bed?" which eventually led to his future of becoming a Bioenergetic Expert, CEO and Founder of NES Health, CEO of Energy4Life, and Chairman of XPO health. 

Harry shares his story of trying all sorts of diets and supplements as he studied energy to an extent that his team discovered a way to change genetic expression that enhances the body's capability to self-heal. Specifically, this is the study of Bioenergetics which pertains to energy in living systems. This involves being knowledgeable in the aspect of the following topics:

  • Ensuring the diet we practice and the supplements we take are the most optimal for the genes present in our bodies
  • Electron Transfer
  • How the body functions like a battery
  • The Significance of Oxygen which serves as 90% of our energy flow
  • Understanding sickness and its relation to our energy levels
  • The different fields of energy and potential repair proteins
  • Fuel-based control vs. Chemical-based control systems
  • Proper breathwork
  • Progressing beyond biochemical intervention, and finding solutions to energy blockages
  • Exchanging energy with the environment
  • Stem cells

Energy plays a huge role in our lives on a daily basis and grasping the concept of it, as well as changing your environment can do wonders in preventing you from becoming gravely sick. Lifestyle changes based on your genetic expression can do wonders if done correctly and consistently. If you need guidance in altering your energy and environment, reach out to Harry Massey through the following outlets:


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