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Kashif Khan

Fixing Your Fatigue and Increasing Your Energy Naturally with Dr. Evan Hirsch - S2E14

DECEMBER 13, 2022

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Don't immediately take fatigue as a sign of aging!

In this episode, Kashif is joined by the Dr. Evan Hirsch, the EnergyMD. Dr. Evan Hirsch has dedicated his career into studying natural ways of increasing energy in order to avoid stimulants such as caffeine and all sorts of energy drinks. He is able to share his knowledge through online consultations, and as the best-selling author of Fix Your Fatigue: The Four Step Process to Resolving Chronic Fatigue, Achieving Abundant Energy and Reclaiming Your Life!

We currently live in a fast-paced world in which people rely on band-aid solutions to get through each day. Fatigue is often attributed to getting older yet forget to pay attention as to when energy stoops low. Kashif and Dr. Evan discuss deficiencies, toxicities, and genetics - all of which are factors that contribute to an individual's energy levels.

Dr. Evan Hirsch also brings the EnergyMD method into the table which is a four-step process to changing your life, and taking it to the next level. We are all constantly exposed to environmental toxins that are manifested differently but that isn't the endgame. It isn't too late to change your lifestyle slowly but surely to reinvigorate and relieve your body of fatigue. 

Dr. Evan Hirsch and his work may be found through the following:

  • Learn more about the EnergyMD method, and avail of Step 1 of 4 for free by visiting his website,
  • Schedule a call with Dr. Evan Hirsch!

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