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Kashif Khan

Boosting Your Weight Loss, Your Mindset, and Your Overall Health with Joel Evan

JULY 11, 2023

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Our minds are more powerful than you think!

Changing your mindset and dealing with the root cause can help you elevate, enhance, and empower your life in more ways than one! Most of the time, we follow what is usually the trending methods to deal with weight loss, detox, and other health-related matters.

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Joel Evan. Joel Evan is a former police officer who decided to grow as a lifestyle coach through the Human Potential Institute and is an Integrative Health Practitioner. 

Joel is able to tackle more complex health issues other than just weight loss such as: parasites, gut dysbiosis, H Pylori, hormone issues, heavy metal detox, and much more. Joel has furthered his functional medicine knowledge by becoming a CellCore practitioner. In 2019, Joel became a Neufit practitioner, which is a type of electric stim physical therapy that has shown tremendous benefits with individuals suffering from chronic pain/injuries, pre/post surgery rehab, and neurological disorders.

Throughout the discussion, Joel has shared his experience as a life coach, and what made him decide that coaching is what he wants to pursue. He authored a book called, "IGNITE!" which focuses on weight loss as he initially focused on the topic on his earlier years of coaching but has decided to move towards focusing on a person's mindset - one of the biggest tools in order to make consistent positive change in a person's life. 

The following are also talking points highlighted and delved into in the episode:

  • Doing proper exercise, and creating "failures" that leads to lipolysis and more muscle growth
  • Blue Zone diets, and how Joel maneuvers through different diets during different points of the day
  • Fasting practices and detox
  • How to do things right with your body, and remain off the pill
  • How mindset helps your body improve naturally

If you wish to learn more from Joel, you may do so in the following channels:


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You may view the episode transcript here.