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Kashif Khan

Biohacking Your Diet: Understanding Environmental Toxins and Linoleic Acid with Dr. Joe Mercola - S2E30

APRIL 14, 2023

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Can you believe that what is said to be healthy can actually be more harmful instead?

That is the case for the regular consumption of vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are only a part of seed oils and other food that contain an unhealthy amount of linoleic acid and toxins that are detrimental to the body. These actually contribute to affecting people with heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and dementia - chronic diseases that we are not born with but accumulate according to our lifestyle practices. 

In this episode, Kashif is joined by Dr. Joe Mercola who simplifies all that we have to understand in biohacking our diet, and knowing how to deal with the environmental toxins, and those mentioned above. He is a New York Times Best Selling Author and hosts his own podcast called, "Take Control of Your Health". Dr. Mercola is an Osteopathic Physician who advocates for natural health, and is an Ultimate Wellness Game Changer Awardee.

Kashif and Dr. Mercola thoroughly discuss the impact of too much linoleic acid in the body. They discuss the prominent sources of linoleic acid and as well as its kinds such as the Omega 3 and the Omega 6. Throughout the discussion, they highlight how the root cause of health issues plays a significant role towards overall health. The points down below are some of the highlights of today's episode:

  • The different environmental toxins
  • How certain foods are given "healthy" names
  • OXLAM: Oxidized Linoleic Acid Metaboloid
  • The most common sources of Omega 6 and Linoleic Acid
  • The danger of processed food
  • Simple solutions to the unhealthy consequences that we face today
  • Supplements

Should you wish to learn more from Dr. Mercola, you may reach him through the following channels:


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