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Due To Increased Demand On All Testing - Please Anticipate A Longer Than Normal Fulfillment Time - Thank You For Your Patience
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Kashif Khan

A Salt-y Discussion: The Meaning Behind Your Cravings and the Benefits of Real Salt with Darryl Bosshardt - S2E31

APRIL 21, 2023

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Can you imagine your meals without salt?

More often than not, we associate healthy food with being bland but that is not usually the case. The actual truth is that the food that we consume today are processed to the point that the essential minerals that retain nutrients and water in our body are removed. With that, food is demonized leading us with a carbohydrate lifestyle.

In this episode, Kashif has a salt-y discussion with Darryl Bosshardt from Redmond whose family has specialized in mining and distributing salts ever since they have discovered salt deposits by their farm. Darryl's family has distributed salt firstly for fellow farmers and everything changed when a nutritionist went to their farm for a visit and opened their knowledge on the health benefits of salt.

Kashif and Darryl talk about the value of salt in different contexts but most especially the human body which is considered saline in motion. They also discuss the different functions of salt such as regulation in the body, preservation of food, and more. Kashif and Darryl also explained how the body's cravings, when identified intently, indicates the body's needs.

They also dove deeper into the actual nature of salt and the following topics:

  • The chemicals that are added into the table salt we have today
  • The history of salt
  • Knowing the production done to certain salts
  • How the DNA Company's test helps with identifying better eating habits and cravings 
  • The relation between salt and fasting 
  • Detox
  • Different types of salt
  • Natural sports drinks

Should you want to connect and learn more from Darryl Bosshardt and Redmond, check out the following links:


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